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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What a week

Well, last weekend we had our little boy's 9th Birthday party, which was very enjoyable, lots of friends came round for games, rounders, football and penalty shoot outs, followed by a Birthday tea.

I had been looking on a friend's blog and was inspired by her beautiful hand-made cakes, so thought I would have a go myself.  I have always liked baking and, with a little advice from friends and a lot of gusto, I proceeded to create a Chocolate Chocolate Cake.  What child wouldn't like that!

A couple of days before though I had a silly accident where I sprained my ankle - ouch!  Thought I would have been laid up for said party, but thankfully after a visit to A & E and x-ray, it started to feel a little bit better, so party went off as planned.  But as I was walking to school yesterday, my ankle gave way and I ended up on the deck AGAIN with a ripped pair of jeans, blood pouring down my leg and feeling very silly. Fortunately a lovely off-duty fireman was nearby and came to my rescue, escorted me home and tended to my wound!  Thanks lovely fireman x

My boy hoovering after my second fall (doing it for £1 and then said "is it £2 if I do two rooms!)

I am now nursing a sprained ankle and cut knee, but spirits are still high and my love of crafting is still as strong as ever - now I can sit and crochet with a good excuse!


  1. Why haven't you mentioned that you were rescued by a young fireman? Nice blog. Keep it up (the blog and the ankle). Show us the cake and get on with that chicken

  2. ok, will mention the fireman rescue too, forgot that bit! The chicken is now in the forefront of my mind now I have seen yours in the flesh and are not as big as I thought they were. I will have a bash at him tomorrow. Ankle is up and blog will be updated regularly xxx