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Monday, 3 October 2011

Meet Me on Monday

I have had a very productive weekend.  I have made some chocolate brownies, made some funky button-holes and finished my second chicken. 

I think Chicka Tika is really happy too now that she has got a friend Miss Chilli con Chick - and yes, she is bright pink and is such a floozy!

I am now starting chicken No 3 - think I have got the chicken bug!

I am really happy that I have found the knitting pattern for the bobble stitch that I have been trying to find for ages, in a craft magazine.  My boy also won his football match on Sunday 3-2 which I am really pleased about.  We had to travel for miles to get there so it made it worthwhile.

I am watching DCI Banks, Downton Abbey Doc Martin, and also of course the X Factor.

I have nearly finished reading my book, it is sooo good, you know when you don't want it to end, but want to know what happens.

I have also been mixing concrete - yes concrete, we had a garage built and we are trying to fill the gap between the original drive and the garage, about a foot wide and 10 feet long. Think it will take a few more bags!

I am hoping to make some malteaser muffins this week.  I have found this recipe and the brownie one on http://snipsnaphappy.blogspot.com.

I have also been to the allotment and "sheeted down" the weeds.  Hopefully this will lesson the back-breaking digging to rid the weeds.  We dug up some more wonky carrots but something had already had a nibble at them so didn't fancy cooking them.  Think it may be Roland and although I agree with organic gardening, he has got to go!

Oh and the grannie blanket is still going...... ...... ......