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Friday, 23 September 2011

Crafty Projects

As I was inspired to blog by a really talented friend who loves to create beautiful things, I thought I would show you all what projects I have on the go at the moment.

I am crocheting a "grannie blankie" which is growing gradually, I am hoping it will be big enough to go on my  bed eventually, think it will be a little while yet tho'!

I am also attempting to knit a chicken which when finished will look soooo cute. I will be very proud of myself if I actually do finish it as I am not very good at decreasing stitches etc.

I have been given some lovely brambly apples and I am going to make a tasty apple and blackberry crumble.

I was asked to do some wedding flowers in the summer and here are a couple of pictures of them.

Yesterday I went on a bike ride in attempt to keep fit and exercise, which was very enjoyable.

My newly acquired bike which I am very pleased with.

I am reading a book called "bookends" which is all about two friends who have followed their dreams and have started a business together - something me and another friend are presently considering...

... and here is one of my favourite photos of  "my boy" when we were on holiday a few weeks ago.


  1. Am I the really talented friend? That bike looks nice - it must have been well looked after by someone! your "boy" looks like he was enjoying being on the rock. Good blankie. Enjoy the apples.

  2. Yes, you are the really talented friend and think you must have looked after the bike really well. I am going to do a crumble with the apples today I will put piccie on when done x

  3. Hi Squirrel

    To add a photo on your blog if you go into design on your dashboard and then click on add a gadget you can then scroll down the list of things that pop up and choose add a photo (which you can just copy off my blog) paste the photo which you saved from my blog into this and then save it. It should appear on your blog then. When you add the photo you also need to add my blog address so that when someone clicks on the photo it will link over to my blog :)

    Hope this makes sense, good luck.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Squirrel, excellent I'm really enjoying following. My daily reading with Famfa's 2 blogs.