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I am a full-time mum and part-time florist and in my spare time I like to make, bake and create. My job also requires me to be creative and I love having an artistic licence.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Meet Me on Monday

I have had a very productive weekend.  I have made some chocolate brownies, made some funky button-holes and finished my second chicken. 

I think Chicka Tika is really happy too now that she has got a friend Miss Chilli con Chick - and yes, she is bright pink and is such a floozy!

I am now starting chicken No 3 - think I have got the chicken bug!

I am really happy that I have found the knitting pattern for the bobble stitch that I have been trying to find for ages, in a craft magazine.  My boy also won his football match on Sunday 3-2 which I am really pleased about.  We had to travel for miles to get there so it made it worthwhile.

I am watching DCI Banks, Downton Abbey Doc Martin, and also of course the X Factor.

I have nearly finished reading my book, it is sooo good, you know when you don't want it to end, but want to know what happens.

I have also been mixing concrete - yes concrete, we had a garage built and we are trying to fill the gap between the original drive and the garage, about a foot wide and 10 feet long. Think it will take a few more bags!

I am hoping to make some malteaser muffins this week.  I have found this recipe and the brownie one on http://snipsnaphappy.blogspot.com.

I have also been to the allotment and "sheeted down" the weeds.  Hopefully this will lesson the back-breaking digging to rid the weeds.  We dug up some more wonky carrots but something had already had a nibble at them so didn't fancy cooking them.  Think it may be Roland and although I agree with organic gardening, he has got to go!

Oh and the grannie blanket is still going...... ...... ......

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Fields, Lanes and Pansies

Today I have been on a mega bike ride.  I think we did about 3 and a half miles and on our ride we went on lovely country lanes, main roads and through fields - with my friend shrieking that she didn't like sheep as "they look at her"!  We also found some horses which she also didn't like and at first refused to go into the field.  We live in the countryside, how can you not like sheep and horses?  I think the last straw for my friend was when she accidently ran over a dead mouse.  Think it will be a while before she goes on a bide ride with me again! 

I have also planted out some of my winter pansies - I love them because they are such hardy, pretty little flowers and they continue to flower no matter how cold it gets.

me little pansies
my new bay tree and pansies

I have also made a start on the pink chicken - this is a gift for a friend but think she will need a witty name.  Could you give me your suggestions, bearing in mind that the other one is called Miss Chika Tika and I am using "hot pink" wool.

Oh, and why do spiders feel they have a right to enter your house - uninvited!.  Twice now they have scared me, one met his end under a clodhopping size 9, and the other one - obviously his mate - decided to appear out of the ironing pile, while ironing a pair of trousers and ran over my hand - eh!  Threw said trousers on bed and thought he was under ironing board, took board outside, no sign.  Picked up trousers, which were on my bed and there he was!  He is now roaming free under my bed!  

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Let me introduce you...

... to Miss Chika Tika.

This is my latest project that I have been working on and I am very proud of her.  I have always been able to knit, but was not sure how to decrease stitches, but I actually found it quite easy.  The pattern was supplied to me by a friend and she inspired me by showing her pictures on http://busybutterfingers.blogspot.com.

I am hoping to make her some friends and think they would be lovely to give away as Christmas presents.

I am planning to join some other blogs for Whats on Yours Workdesk Wednesday, but for this week instead of a picture I am going to tell you what is on my workdesk.

I have some lovely new hot pink wool, which I plan to make another chicken with.  I am also still crocheting my granny blanket and I have another blanket on the go which is just knitted and crochet squares.  I will put pictures on next week.

I have also made another crumble as the last ones were delicious and I am hoping to make some scrummy chocolate brownies - recipe supplied by snipsnaphappy.blogspot.

I am also planning to go on another couple of bike rides this week as I lost 3lb last week, which I am really pleased about.

Right, off to start chicken No 2!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Meet Me on Monday

Meet Me On Monday

I am loving the fact that I have found a whole new crafty world on 'tinternet, didn't realise you all existed until a few weeks ago.

I am also...

making a granny blanket and knitting a chicken

growing onions, carrots, runner beans and squashes on our allotment - some of the carrots are a little bit wiggly, think thats because there are a lot of stones in the ground.

cooking apple and blackberry crumble - apples supplied by famfa at busybutterfingers

reading bookends by Jane Green

watching Downton Abbey

wearing my new top I purchased last week

planting winter pansies in my garden as I love them and they are so hardy

dreaming of deserted islands with blue sea and white sands

hoping to create some gorgeous things with my Fimo which should be delivered this week

also, I am hoping to go out on my bike again this week being as though we are supposed to having an Indian Summer this week.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Crafty Projects

As I was inspired to blog by a really talented friend who loves to create beautiful things, I thought I would show you all what projects I have on the go at the moment.

I am crocheting a "grannie blankie" which is growing gradually, I am hoping it will be big enough to go on my  bed eventually, think it will be a little while yet tho'!

I am also attempting to knit a chicken which when finished will look soooo cute. I will be very proud of myself if I actually do finish it as I am not very good at decreasing stitches etc.

I have been given some lovely brambly apples and I am going to make a tasty apple and blackberry crumble.

I was asked to do some wedding flowers in the summer and here are a couple of pictures of them.

Yesterday I went on a bike ride in attempt to keep fit and exercise, which was very enjoyable.

My newly acquired bike which I am very pleased with.

I am reading a book called "bookends" which is all about two friends who have followed their dreams and have started a business together - something me and another friend are presently considering...

... and here is one of my favourite photos of  "my boy" when we were on holiday a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What a week

Well, last weekend we had our little boy's 9th Birthday party, which was very enjoyable, lots of friends came round for games, rounders, football and penalty shoot outs, followed by a Birthday tea.

I had been looking on a friend's blog and was inspired by her beautiful hand-made cakes, so thought I would have a go myself.  I have always liked baking and, with a little advice from friends and a lot of gusto, I proceeded to create a Chocolate Chocolate Cake.  What child wouldn't like that!

A couple of days before though I had a silly accident where I sprained my ankle - ouch!  Thought I would have been laid up for said party, but thankfully after a visit to A & E and x-ray, it started to feel a little bit better, so party went off as planned.  But as I was walking to school yesterday, my ankle gave way and I ended up on the deck AGAIN with a ripped pair of jeans, blood pouring down my leg and feeling very silly. Fortunately a lovely off-duty fireman was nearby and came to my rescue, escorted me home and tended to my wound!  Thanks lovely fireman x

My boy hoovering after my second fall (doing it for £1 and then said "is it £2 if I do two rooms!)

I am now nursing a sprained ankle and cut knee, but spirits are still high and my love of crafting is still as strong as ever - now I can sit and crochet with a good excuse!