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I am a full-time mum and part-time florist and in my spare time I like to make, bake and create. My job also requires me to be creative and I love having an artistic licence.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Its Birthday time of year again

Well my boy has had another birthday and I made a cake with I thought was quite impressive for me.  The cake mix consisted of 12 eggs so you can imagine how big it was.  Probably a little bit too big as my boy hasn't really eaten any of it.

I made two separate mixtures and cooked them separately and amazingly they cooked through in the middle.   When they were cooled, I shaped the cake into a football shirt shape by cutting the sides off and using some of this to make the sleeves.

I then put a thin layer of jam and butter cream in the centre.  I also put a layer of butter cream on the outside to enable the icing to stick to it.  The icing is pale blue as his favourite team at the moment is Manchester City.  I rolled the icing out, several times, to get a large enough piece to cover the cake.  I then smoothed it out on top of the cake and eased it around the sleeves which was quite tricky and was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

I then rolled out some black icing and put my boy's name and age on the cake and ta-dar - one finished birthday cake.

I was really please with the finished product and it tasted rather yummy too.