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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Fields, Lanes and Pansies

Today I have been on a mega bike ride.  I think we did about 3 and a half miles and on our ride we went on lovely country lanes, main roads and through fields - with my friend shrieking that she didn't like sheep as "they look at her"!  We also found some horses which she also didn't like and at first refused to go into the field.  We live in the countryside, how can you not like sheep and horses?  I think the last straw for my friend was when she accidently ran over a dead mouse.  Think it will be a while before she goes on a bide ride with me again! 

I have also planted out some of my winter pansies - I love them because they are such hardy, pretty little flowers and they continue to flower no matter how cold it gets.

me little pansies
my new bay tree and pansies

I have also made a start on the pink chicken - this is a gift for a friend but think she will need a witty name.  Could you give me your suggestions, bearing in mind that the other one is called Miss Chika Tika and I am using "hot pink" wool.

Oh, and why do spiders feel they have a right to enter your house - uninvited!.  Twice now they have scared me, one met his end under a clodhopping size 9, and the other one - obviously his mate - decided to appear out of the ironing pile, while ironing a pair of trousers and ran over my hand - eh!  Threw said trousers on bed and thought he was under ironing board, took board outside, no sign.  Picked up trousers, which were on my bed and there he was!  He is now roaming free under my bed!  


  1. Well done on your bike ride, bet you were ready for a sit down after that I know I would be!! your garden is looking good :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Argh spiders!
    Am coming back to you after your comment about stamping letters into Fimo. I have no idea to be honest - email me (link on my blog) and I'll talk to you some more!