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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Let me introduce you...

... to Miss Chika Tika.

This is my latest project that I have been working on and I am very proud of her.  I have always been able to knit, but was not sure how to decrease stitches, but I actually found it quite easy.  The pattern was supplied to me by a friend and she inspired me by showing her pictures on http://busybutterfingers.blogspot.com.

I am hoping to make her some friends and think they would be lovely to give away as Christmas presents.

I am planning to join some other blogs for Whats on Yours Workdesk Wednesday, but for this week instead of a picture I am going to tell you what is on my workdesk.

I have some lovely new hot pink wool, which I plan to make another chicken with.  I am also still crocheting my granny blanket and I have another blanket on the go which is just knitted and crochet squares.  I will put pictures on next week.

I have also made another crumble as the last ones were delicious and I am hoping to make some scrummy chocolate brownies - recipe supplied by snipsnaphappy.blogspot.

I am also planning to go on another couple of bike rides this week as I lost 3lb last week, which I am really pleased about.

Right, off to start chicken No 2!


  1. Lol - I love the chicken, she's rather pretty in pastel :) The pink one will undoubtedly turn out to be a floozy!!!! xx

  2. Good chicken. Hot pink? Now what would that one be called? Chilli con chick?

  3. Oh I love your chicken! So cute! I cant knit at all, but I have a crochet chicken pattern queued on Ravelry for ages, I think this may have inspired me to have a go!
    Hope the brownies come out well...let me know!

  4. Hello to Miss Chika Tika. Looking foward to the chicken family extending with a "pink" one.