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Friday, 27 April 2012

Well, I've actually made something else that isn't a grannie blanket or a chicken - wait for it....

It's bunting.

I bought some small pieces of Cath Kidson material from the internet and thought I would try my hand at making bunting with my newly acquired second hand Jones sewing machine.  I had a bit of a disaster with the machine on my first attempt at using it.  I tried to take up my Son's trousers but had not set the tension right so on the front the stitching looked perfect but on the back it was really lose and not very good at all.  And to top it off when I asked my son to try them on they were nearer his knees than his ankles!

Anyway, take a look at my bunting that I am very pleased with,

and just if you are having withdrawal symptoms of chickens here is a couple more to show you...

Jubi-Lee Chick

Mr Fuzzy
The white lamb with the black leg

Some Easter baking

The Flying Scotsman


  1. Excellent - love the bunting. Keep blogging. Everett XXXX