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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Spring has Sprung

I'm liking the fact that the clocks have gone forward a hour and enjoying being out in the garden for that extra hour in the evening.  I am currently sowing vegetabe seeds, peas, cauliflower, carrots, and parsnips to hopefully, vermin and weather permitting, transfer to the allotment in a month or so.  As I do not have a greenhouse I am sowing seeds in deep pots and attaching see through carrier bags over them to create a bit of heat and protection from the frosts.

I'm also growing sweet peas but they are staying in my garden for me to enjoy.  There is nothing quite like the scent of sweet peas.

I have also been busy crafting and have created a crochet blanket for a new baby's arrival - and no, before you ask its not me.  When would I find time to garden and craft with a new arrival around.

It's been birthday month in my life in March and I have made a couple of birthday presents for a couple of children.  You may recognise his friends from earlier blogs and this one has been specially created for a little boy in the colours of the Jubilee.  His new name might be Ju-Billie Chick!

I have also spend a very long day on the farm helping my family with the lambing.  I used to help out every year and, having spent one day there, I have been reminded how exhausting lambing is.  I do miss the "Good Life" but I'm sure if I had to contend with bleeting sheep every day of the week I would soon come to dislike them lots.

There are rewards for all the hard work and, when you see how cute the baby lambs are, it makes it all worthwhile.  Obviously I cannot take any credit as I'm a busy full-time mum and part-time florist.   I just "show my face" occasionally and don't really contribute to the day-to-day running of the farm.  I leave that to them that know how to.

Happy Easter to you all and thanks for reading.  I'm sorry it's been so long and lets see if I can make something sooner for the next update.


  1. Nice chicken. Love the lambs. Would you consider removing word verification?

  2. I would if I knew how to ;) Could you tell me how to do it? Hopefully cricket will start again here soon and I will be thinking of you and LizzieDotDot last summer with your knitting, it's what cricket was invented for xxxx

  3. CottonSock, I did post a comment on my phone but it's not here!!!! "My Chicken" you will be pleased to know had not had any additional injuries, as he has not been engaged in any more games with the boys. He has been sunning himself on the kitchen window. Keep blogging. Everett Xxxx